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HeartMind Shiatsu
Exceptional Bodywork Therapy

ringing timeless healing philosophy and skills to personal health and wellness, to harmonize and balance the stress of modern lifestyles.

Derived from the Chinese word Xin (pronounced “shin”) HeartMind is the powerful “poly-word” that encompasses our healing philosophy. Often translated simply as heart, Xin actually encompasses a greater understanding of the heart as the place in our body where spirit and mind reside. True wisdom, and access to higher consciousness come to us through Xin, the HeartMind.

Shiatsu is a bodywork practice developed in Japan over centuries. Shi- is the Japanese word for finger, and –atsu is the word for pressure, so a literal translation of shiatsu is “finger pressure.”  In the HeartMind style, we base our forms on traditional Zen stylings of effortless ease, and masterful coordination. Drawing on the teachings of Masters Ohashi and Masunaga, we infuse the physical practice of HeartMind Shiatsu with poise, grace, ease and comfort. Qualities which pay dividends far beyond the treatment room and out into every aspect of your life. Graced by Eastern understandings of life energy flow in nature and human nature, you then possess the gifts that lead to life’s rewards!

In the HeartMind style of Shiatsu we link graceful, coordinated bodywork practice with powerful and conscious cultivation of HeartMind understanding.  We slow down and listen in to the wisdom of the heart. This creates a practice that is life-changing and life-long. We give you a depth of practice that promotes your career longevity and vibrant health for life.  What’s more, as a HeartMind Shiatsu Certified Practitioner or instructor you experience the deep satisfaction of sharing this with your clients as well, making a vital contribution to a happier, healthier world for all!

As HeartMind Shiatsu Certified Practitioner, you integrate the thinking mind with the feeling mind. This grants you access to the power to heal physical, emotional and spiritual trauma and distress, to quiet incessant mental chatter, allow true inner peace to grow and to become a clear channel of universal, unconditional love.

Body, Mind & Spirit

HeartMind is the quintessential joining of body, mind and spirit in the Heart center. The body connects us to the earth, our home planet and our deep primordial nature as earth beings. Our mind connects us to the heavens, our place in the galaxies of stars, and our transcendent eternal nature as spiritual beings.

The Heart center unites the two, the heavens and earth, the mind and body, and grants us the central place within our bodies to access wisdom and realize our fullest potential as Human Beings.

Modern research is revealing more and more the amazing plexus of wisdom and intelligence that emanates from the heart. Hence, the term HeartMind expresses this powerful unification of thinking and feeling. In HeartMind Shiatsu we unite these aspects of being in an harmonious relationship for health, happiness and healing.

HeartMind Meridian Gesture Qigong

At the heart of HeartMind Shiatsu is the practice of Qigong, life energy cultivation. We focus particularly on the healing effects of Qi cultivation directed through the meridians.  Matthew Sweigart’s Pathways of Qi draws out this timeless practice and the essential wisdom of the Meridian Gesture Qigong form, promoting the flow of energy throughout body, mind and spirit.  The key to this deep and effective qigong practice is the clearing out of misguided thinking, inaccurate beliefs, and maladaptive patterns, behavior and conditioning from the HeartMind. This allows for the mystical commingling of mind and spirit in the body, and releases ones true inner light and connection to the infinite stream of health and wellness.