Live Training Dates

Blue Moon, Personal Stability in Five Dimensions

A Meridian Qigong Workshop with Matthew Sweigart, CI

  • September 2, 2023, 11am-6:30pm

In two sessions, 11am-2pm and 3:30-6:30pm, we will explore the energy of stability through Qigong movement and healing touch explorations. We will capture the energy of the post- blue moon, full moon of August 2023. In person class held in Nevada City, CA. Preregistration required.

Healing Touch and Movement Essentials 2023

Six – Weekend Intensives, Friday 6:30-9:30, Saturday/Sunday, 10am-6pm

September 15-17 & 29-October 1, October 13-15, 28,30, November 10-12, December 1-3, 2023
One hundred hour Beginner’s training in HeartMind Shiatsu and Qigong for Qigong /Yoga Teachers, Life Coaches and Massage Therapists. Offering YinYang/Five Element/Meridian Pathway teachings… energetic tools for accelerated healing and growth for you and your clients.

Weekend 1: Meridian Qigong, Ho’oponopono for Balance and Stability
Weekend 2: Easy Meridian Touch, Hara Awareness
Weekend 3: Meridian Stretches, Five Element Power, Non-ordinary States of Consciousness
Weekend 4: Stability and Balance, Movement and Grace
Weekend 5: Hara Development and Assessment
Weekend 6: Full Meridian Healing Touch Sessions