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  • Meridians 12 Qigong, One Hour Mp4 Video Class


    Meridians 12 Qigong, One Hour Mp4 Video Class


    Get started today, with a daily practice that awakens your life energy flow, and can dramatically transform your health and wellness! Sleep better, relieve pain and discomfort, feel awake and alert without stimulants and their dangerous side-effects!

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  • Online Qigong Monthly Subscription – Silver


    Online Qigong Monthly Subscription – Silver


    A silver subscription grants you access to two live Qigong classes per week each month. You also gain access to the extensive HeartMind archive of recorded classes for the duration of your subscription.

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  • Meridian Tapping


    Meridian Tapping


    This seven lesson video program guides you through the invigorating self-care technique of Meridian Tapping, safe, easy, and all natural method for liberating your healing energy! Learn the complete Meridian Tapping method in a series of inspiring videos with Matthew Sweigart, CI, one of the world’s foremost authorities on the body’s energy field.

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  • Meridians 12 Qigong, Level 1


    Meridians 12 Qigong, Level 1



    Follow along and discover the inner depths of the Meridian system.  Discover and develop the powerful and dynamic Six Stage Journey to Self-Realization and Empowerment. The inspiring, informative, creative Meridian Gesture Qigong offers a reliable path to inner peace, prosperity, joy and wellness. Join Matthew Sweigart and the class of 2014, in this beautiful flowing 12 hour study of the ancient Qigong foundations. Learn modern applications to relieve stress, build stamina, develop inner peace and courage, resolve long standing issues and challenges in life and health. Join a community of learners dedicated to spreading this powerful message of peace and unconditional love to the world. Start with your self, share it with your friends and loved ones. Let’s make the world a more loving place filled with empowered, liberated people experiencing vibrant health and joy.

    This is a digital download delivered directly to your email inbox upon purchase!


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  • Vital Awakening! Meridian Gesture Qigong


    Vital Awakening! Meridian Gesture Qigong


    Build and maintain your vitality and stamina in these 12 Master Class lessons with Matthew Sweigart, CI, creator of Meridian Gesture Qigong. Discover how you can directly improve the functions of all your vital systems in body, mind and spirit!

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  • Iron John Initiation – Journey to Genius!


    Iron John Initiation – Journey to Genius!


    The Iron John initiation – Journey to Genius,
    Twelve Week Hybrid (Live & Virtual) Program

    Mondays, September 25 – December 11, 2023
    6-8:30pm Pacific Time

    (All meetings will be recorded and uploaded to a private student Drive folder. You may attend at your leisure through the student drive. For those not attending live, a small quiz on the day’s lesson will be provided to keep you up to date!)

    Discovering, Uncovering, Recovering, Celebrating!

    • Discovering

      • Step 1 – The curse on the Wild Man
      • Step 2 – Bucketing
      • Step 3 – The Caging of the Wild Man
    • Uncovering
      • Step 4 – The Golden Ball
      • Step 5 – Stealing the Key
      • Step 6 – Running off with the Wild Man
      • Step 7 – Apprenticeship
      • Step 8 – Disillusion, Katabasis
    • Recovering 
      • Step 9 – Kitchen Work
      • Step 10 – Hunger for the King
      • Step 11- Gardening & the GodWoman
      • Step 12 – Off to Battle
      • Step 13 – Pageantry, Winning the Heart of the GodWoman/SoulMate
    • Celebrating
      • Step 14 – Revelation, Integration, Celebration

     The Iron John Initiation – Journey to Genius offers an in-depth reading and discovery of Robert Bly’s masterful work about men. Following the plot-line of an ancient folk tale, Bly explores the process of maturation and growth from boyhood to manhood. Significant parallels arise between the ancient tale and our day-to-day experience in the world. Filled with insights into the process of development and growth, the study of Iron John sheds light on every aspect of becoming clearer and stronger in your daily walk as a men in today’s world. Of particular interest in the journey is the process of Katabasis, the vertical descent. In the initiation we learn to “go down” consciously with support, and learn how to rise back up again, better than before. The alternative being that we stumble along in the dark and allow life to “take us down,” and find ourselves lost on the journey! Matthew helps participants find the path into and through that shadow, so that they come through it wiser and deeper and ready for all that life sends their way. 

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