Meridian Tapping


This seven lesson video program guides you through the invigorating self-care technique of Meridian Tapping, safe, easy, and all natural method for liberating your healing energy! Learn the complete Meridian Tapping method in a series of inspiring videos with Matthew Sweigart, CI, one of the world’s foremost authorities on the body’s energy field.



Meridian Tapping
liberating your natural healing energy! 

mgq-meridianwheelThis seven lesson program guides you through the delightfully invigorating self-care technique of meridian tapping. It is offered in as a series of entertaining and inspiring video lessons with Matthew Sweigart, one of the world’s foremost authorities on manual stimulation of the body’s energy field. In the study you learn to tap out the meridians point-by-point in the classical order of the daily meridian energy flow, and in the classic Elemental pairings.  Studying the landscape of the body in this way, Matthew leads you on a voyage of discovery where you find out how the meridian channels flow along the surface of the body along predictable pathways related to the function that they serve. And teaches you the most powerful acu-points on each meridian and how to use this method to create health and happiness in your life.

The popular Emotional Freedom Technique, which utilizes tapping on meridian points to release trapped energy, draws it’s point sequencing from these classical meridian pathways. In this study, you will learn why and how the points used in EFT work and actually step up your ability to access greater effectiveness from this practice. The 12 meridians are like the spokes on a wheel. You know from cycling that if one of the spokes is damaged the wheel will wobble and not spin true. Truing up the wheel is a matter of fine tuning each of the spokes. When all the spokes are in good shape, the wheel spins effortlessly and true. Meridian Tapping is the best way to true up the spokes of your wheel, and help the wheel of your life spin right on track.

By studying the whole system in depth, you’ll see how the meridian system provides you with a complete map of the body and covers all aspects of your being. Get all 12 Meridians working together in harmony and you generate the health, wealth and happiness that is the promise of this program. Meridian Tapping gives you the tools to tune up the systems of your body in an order that is smart, sophisticated and efficient. Each lesson builds upon the last to give you a complete study, and makes a classic addition to your home health video library.

The format:
Once you purchase the series, the seven lessons are delivered directly to your inbox as direct links to download the videos. All lessons are in the portable mp4 digital video format and will play on any computing device. If you have any problem at all with the links contact our friendly customer support and we will see if we can accommodate your formatting needs. In the rare case that our videos just will not play on your device, we of course provide you with a full money back guarantee. Please note that these classes are not available in standard DVD disc format and will not be playable on a standard DVD player. Digital technology such as Quicktime will be required.


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