Reinvent Yourself!

Reinvent Yourself – After Change or Loss
A 12 week Virtual Journey to Heal From Loss
with Matthew Sweigart, CI

If you’ve suffered a great loss, you know what it means to need to reinvent yourself. The loss of a dearly beloved, or a home, or an occupation, or an ability can strip away everything you once held dear. You are still alive though. You can power through it on your own, somehow bravely soldiering on. You can find a way to gradually accommodate all the changes in your world. Yet there is a more satisfying way to get to renewal after loss. I’ve personally have been through many deep losses, beginning with the death of my best friend in second grade, followed soon after by a major cross country move when I was just 10 years old.  Over the course of these challenging changes, I ultimately began to perceive the chance being given to me to creatively reinvent myself. Through these losses, I’ve discovered a powerful path to personal renewal and reinvention. I suffered greatly, and needlessly for years. I hate to see you suffer the way I did, especially when there’s a chance I could support you to effectively and creatively move through the process from pain and loss to renewal and reinvention. I invite you to invest in yourself today, enroll in my 12 week program, Reinvent Yourself,  and honor the past so that it need not have died in vein. I am honored to be your guide on a journey that will take reliably take you through the process from broken to renewed, from pain to empowered! Read on to discover the steps of the program. If you are called, and the time is right, let’s get you enrolled and supported through this vital program.

Enroll Me in Reinvent Yourself!

From Pain to Empowered!

The painfulness of great change or loss can leave you feeling ashamed, like a failure, at a great loss to know what to do, where to turn for help and support. It can leave you feeling helpless, even impotent. That is not fun at all, and can lead to all sorts of health issues that can take a toll on your body mind and spirt. When all you really wish to do is feel empowered, alert, capable and confident and feel the grace of forgiveness of the past, and excitement for the future. Well, truth is, you can have all that, and more when you move through the process of reinvention.

I’ve been through more than one of these dramatic changes and times of great loss in my life. As a bodywork Therapist of 30 years, I’ve also supported and worked with thousands of folks who have had to pick themselves up again and dust off after a dramatic shift in their life and circumstances. Along the way I’ve picked up a few lessons and tools to help make the process of reinvention more graceful. And now I’m packaging those together in a program that is designed to help you get from the pain of loss to the promise of change in just 12 weeks.

I’m launching this program in early June, and I’m looking forward to having you join me on the journey. The stages of the journey are simple, though each requires a bit of “doing!” The three processes in a nutshell are Listen, Surrender, Create! And each is essential on the journey of personal reinvention.

Listening – the First Step

We start with the process of Listening. Here we practice the skills of listening to the deep voice within our own hearts. This involves active Awakening to the voice of your spirit within. In the program I offered guided meditations and personal practices to help you do just this. Attuning yourself to vibrate at the frequency of your authentic self with reliability. In the first weeks of the program I will lead you through vital practices to help you Align with your inner truth on a daily basis. The processes are simple, yet profound. Practiced daily they yield profound results.

Surrender – The Second Step

Next we enter the step of Surrender. Don’t be mistaken, this is anything but weakness. This is actually where we tone up the muscles, the inner power to take our listening deep into what needs to be done to transform the pain of loss and pave the path into the future. The processes are to Grieve, Believe and Receive. We Grieve that which is past, the job, the home, the loved one, the hopes and the dreams. We surrender to the feelings that arise from the letting go of what was.  We allow these feelings to move through us. We begin to see the gain waiting for us in the loss. Here’s where we begin to Believe in the rightness and the power of the change that has fallen across our path. Through honoring what was, we Receive the blessings of the new life that is now at our feet.

Creation – The Final Step

Finally, we enter the last stage of Creation. Here’s where you actively reinvent yourself, taking action rooted in your new found sense of self and truth. This involves three important processes, Enunciate, Elevate and Excellerate. First you Enunciate your truth, declare it, speak it out loud! Then Elevate that speaking to action, taking steps of creative expression each and every day. Finally, in possession of a sense of your new self emerging into the world, you begin to Excellerate, to press down on that gas pedal, confident that you got this! The open road to your future is laid out before you!

This 12 week journey is artfully designed to support you in the process of your personal reinvention. It’s non-dogmatic and non-judgmental. It’s your journey to your truth that is supported along the way. In 12 weeks of interactive video conferences with plenty of Q & A, as well as a private Facebook Group exclusive only to group members, you can find and develop the confidential support you need to move through the stages of the program. If you find can’t make the live program, not to worry, all the sessions will be recorded for later playback, and only accessible to you and your fellow travelers who have joined this special journey of personal Reinvention.

The live program takes place on 12 Tuesdays from, 10:00am to 11:30am Pacific Standard Time.

This journey is priceless. I don’t know how you can really put a price on it. This kind of reinvention can literally save your life and lift you out of suffering and misery into an entirely new sense of personal power and confidence.  I’ve seen other programs of this nature priced anywhere from $10 to $20 thousand dollars. But I’m not asking you to pay anywhere near that much. In fact, if you were to engage me privately for 12 video conferences one-on-one, it would run you $5000. (if you’d really prefer to do that, send me a private message and we’ll see what we can arrange.) But for this private small group program, the investment is just $1997. If you decide to act before the early bird registration date, you will also receive a fast action bonus of $300 in savings..

Now it’s your turn. Join us on this powerful journey of reinvention. If you have any questions at all about the program feel free to reach out to me directly via email at I look forward to hearing from you. If it’s right for you at this time in your life, I’ll see you in the program!

Enroll Me in Reinvent Yourself!