Professional Clinic

HeartMind Shiatsu professional sessions with Matthew Sweigart, CI provide holistic primary care to support you in your natural healing process. It integrates well with many other forms of care including chiropractic and structural therapies, psycho-therapeutic and somatic counseling, medical and paramedical professions, Ayurvedic therapies, yoga therapy, and many others.

You may schedule your private consultation with Matthew at the following link:

Dave Goetz, BA, CMT, CYT

Dave is a graduate of Boulder College of Massage and has a strong interest in health since his teenage years. His professional focus is on Qigong, Yoga and Nutrition. He’s taught shiatsu for Healing Spirits Massage Training Program, is the cofounder of HeartMind Bodywork and is the founder and former owner of Bodywork Bistro. He enjoys practicing yoga, qigong and meditation and brings the fruits of these practices into his bodywork style. He is equally skilled on a massage chair, table or mat. His mat based bodywork integrates the best of Thai Yoga Massage and HeartMind Shiatsu and his table work is fluid, deep, continuous and integrative. Read more →