Private Sessions in HeartMind Bodywork
True Holistic, Primary Healthcare

At HeartMind Bodywork we are dedicated to helping more people heal more deeply, with leading edge HeartMind Shiatsu healing touch and Meridian Qigong movement education! You can experience this wonderful work in one of two ways:
•  Schedule a session with one of our seasoned, Nationally Certified Professional Therapists, in our professional clinic.

At HeartMind Bodywork we know you have many choices for bodywork therapy in today’s fast paced, competitive world. We are honored to bring you powerful work that stands out from the crowd, and thank you for making this choice to support your healthy lifestyle! We are honored to serve you and your wellness needs.

HeartMind Shiatsu and
Meridian Qigong

bringing timeless healing philosophy and skills to personal health and wellness, to harmonize and balance the stress of modern lifestyles.


What a HeartMind Shiatsu Session looks like
– what’s inside the experience?

HeartMind Shiatsu follows a traditional Japanese bodywork therapy form, with the work performed on a floor mat with the client fully clothed. The skilled practitioner uses their knowledge of energy points and pathways, combined with technical skill in compression, mobilization and stretching techniques to effectively and appropriately balance the energy flow in the body. The body mind’s natural healing capacities are awakened, and clients receive an empowering, uplifting experience that supports them in taking their health to the next level.

How Meridian Qigong Serves You

“Pain is no flow, and flow is no pain!” In Meridian Qigong we help you to discover the secrets to flow in body, mind and spirit through the timeless techniques of moving qigong meditation. Graceful, easy movements that cultivate flow are within you reach, and can drastically improve every aspect of your daily life. The conscious cultivation of life energy flowing through the meridian channels is a powerful tool for self care in between HeartMind Shiatsu sessions, and can work as a stand alone personal fitness practice. Your HeartMind Shiatsu therapist is a trained practitioner of Meridian Qigong and can lead you through learning the movements and mind focus that will help you with your particular situation.

The Philosophy Behind the Work

Derived from the Chinese word Xin (pronounced “shin”) HeartMind is the powerful “poly-word” that encompasses our healing philosophy. Often translated simply as heart, Xin actually encompasses a greater understanding of the heart as the place in our body where spirit and mind reside. True wisdom, and access to higher consciousness come to us through Xin, the HeartMind. We could call this work Xin Shiatsu, but living in the Western world, we choose the more accessible term HeartMind to help awaken this vital consciousness within!

Shiatsu is a bodywork practice developed in Japan over centuries. Shi- is the Japanese word for finger, and –atsu is the word for pressure, so a literal translation of shiatsu is “finger pressure.”  In the HeartMind style, we base our forms on traditional Zen stylings of effortless ease, and masterful coordination. Drawing on the teachings of Masters Ohashi and Masunaga, we infuse the physical practice of HeartMind Shiatsu with poise, grace, ease and comfort. Qualities which pay dividends far beyond the treatment room and out into every aspect of your life. Graced by Eastern understandings of life energy flow in nature and human nature, you then possess the gifts that lead to life’s rewards!

Qigong is the ancient Chinese art of life energy cultivation that helps you to get in touch with an promote the balanced flow of energy through body mind and spirit. The Meridian Qigong forms have been specially developed in the HeartMind school for you to have a direct way to awaken the flow of energy in the powerful points and lines of your body.

In the HeartMind style of Shiatsu and Meridian Qigong we link graceful, coordinated bodywork practice with powerful and conscious cultivation of HeartMind understanding. We slow down and listen in to the wisdom of the heart. This creates an experience that can be life-changing and transformative. When you receive a HeartMind Shiatsu session you receive support for a vibrant and healthy life. What’s more, your HeartMind Shiatsu Certified Practitioner or Instructor is dedicated to providing you with an experience of deep satisfaction, making a vital contribution to a happier, healthier world for all!

Your HeartMind Shiatsu Certified Practitioner integrates the thinking mind with the feeling mind, granting you access to the healer within. In this profound experience you can heal physical, emotional and spiritual trauma and distress, quiet incessant mental chatter, allow true inner peace to grow and become a clear channel for health and well-being to naturally arise in your body, mind and spirit.

Thank you for choosing HeartMind Shiatsu to support you on your personal wellness journey!