Refund/Withdrawal/Transfer Policy:

If a student withdraws after signing an Enrollment Agreement and making a deposit or his/her first payment for the program, there will be a withdrawal fee of $150. (Any student desiring to pay cash agrees to allow HeartMind to keep a credit card on file to cover any missed deadlines or early withdrawal fees.)

Any student enrolled in a program that is discontinued by the school shall receive a complete refund of all fees and/or tuition paid.

As a matter of courtesy, students should give written notification to HeartMind Bodywork (in person or by registered mail) of their intention to withdraw from a program. However, HeartMind Bodywork does not require written notification of withdrawal as a condition for making refunds. If no notification of withdrawal is received, and a student has had an unexplained absence of more than four (4) consecutive class days, HeartMind Bodywork shall consider the student to have withdrawn from the program. Determination that a student has withdrawn shall be made within 30 days of the last day of attendance. In all cases, the date of withdrawal shall be the last day of attendance.

Upon receipt of written notice of withdrawal or from the date the institution terminates the student or determines that the student has withdrawn, tuition and fees will be refunded based on the following fee schedule:
If a student has signed up for a Payment Plan, the above refund policy and percentage completion will apply on a per module basis rather than the entire program and any payments scheduled for modules after the date of withdrawal will be cancelled. Refunds will be made within thirty days after receipt of the student’s written notice of withdrawal. Official date of termination will be the last date the student attended classes. Please note: No refunds will be made for books, supplies, tools, etc.

Transfer: Students who need to withdrawal but wish to continue at a later date may do so with carry over tuition credit given according to the same schedule as that for withdrawal, with the exception that rather than the withdrawal fee of $150, tuition credit shall be subject to a transfer fee of $100.

Before commencement of classes 100% less $150
Up to 25% program completion 75% less $150
25% to 50% program completion 50% less $150
50% to 75% program completion 25% less $150
75% or more program completion no refund available