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  • BALANCE in Turbulent Times


    BALANCE in Turbulent Times


    Massage Therapists, Qigong/Yoga Teachers, Life Coaches grow your practice with these innovative and timeless methods of creating balance in life through turbulent times! Enhance life force energy! Resolve challenges! Manifest dreams! In this 14 hour workshop we explore the life energy channels of body, mind and spirit in the HeartMind way. Fortify the energy in the meridian pathways with life affirming HeartMind Qigong and Shiatsu! Flow with grace and ease through life’s twists and turns. Discover the power and beauty of the Pathways of Qi. Classical Qigong, Meridian Tapping, Meridian Meditations and Gentle Healing Touch cultivate healthy, peaceful, flowing energy throughout body, mind and spirit. Ease pain, overcome challenges, promote health and personal empowerment. Learn Meridian Qigong, Twelve Threads of Silk. Be inspired, in your practice to bring this fun, engaging, life affirming practice back to your life and practice!

    Based on classical Qigong teachings and the book Pathways of Qi, by Matthew Sweigart, this training by the author, brings the power of the meridians into your life!

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