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  • Stability in Five Dimensions


    Stability in Five Dimensions


    Three days after this Blue Moon, come to downtown Nevada City on Labor Day weekend Saturday to grow your personal strength, health and wellness regimen. Learn innovative and timeless methods for creating balance and stability in all dimensions of your life. 

    Some have posited that the “five dimensions” are the “physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social.” Indeed these provide a wonderful guide to contemplation of the idea of balance in our lives, and we will visit them in this day long. More to the point however, we will be looking at the idea of five dimensions as taught in the world of physics. The first three being, length, width and height, then add time for the fourth and travel to alternate planes of existence for the 5th and beyond.

    The timeless practices of Qigong guide us into the world of inner discovery. We feel our body, mind and spirit moving through space and time. We ride the breath and the gentle movements to non-ordinary states of experience and bring these insights back into our daily lives. The full moon having just past, we dance with the cosmic energies, as well as images of the cosmos that impress themselves upon us in each waking moment.

    In this day long workshop on September 2, 2023, 11am-2pm and 3:30-6:30pm, we will explore the energy of stability through Qigong movement and intention. We will capture the energy of the blue moon, the second full moon of August. In person class held in Nevada City, CA. Preregistration required.

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