102 – Five Element Flow

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Building upon the content of 101 students now learn the Theory of the Five Elements and how they manifest through the organ networks to enliven body/mind/spirit. The traditional correspondences of the Elements are the cornerstone of the course, grounding students in the basic attributes of each of the Five Elements and how they express themselves in Nature and in Humanity. Students begin to discern the signs and symptoms of each of the Elements, and in this way, begin to practice the art of creating treatment plans tailor made to the specific needs of each client. Yoga-inspired Meridian Stretch Exercises are practiced as both a tool of treatment and assessment, and traditional  shu point assessment methods will be introduced.

Course Content:

Students will learn:

  • How to locate and properly stimulate 48+ Acupressure points
  • Five Element Correspondences
  • Shu Point Assessment
  • Assessment & corresponding Treatment approaches
  • How to tailor a HeartMind Shiatsu treatment to specific client needs
  • How to approach all meridians from all body positions
  • Faculty Supervised Student Clinic session


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