104 – Clinical Application

37. Sacral Lift with FeetOverview

Incorporating the content of the previous three levels, students embrace a total overview of the body/mind/spirit energy to effectively meet clinical challenges that may arise in their practice.  Additional tools of Extraordinary Vessel Theory along with extensive Clinical Supervision and Discussion bring students to the place where they can confidently integrate HeartMind Shiatsu services in a professional clinical setting. With successful completion of this level students earn a certificate of satisfactory completion of the HeartMind Shiatsu Basic Training.


Course Content:

  • Ability to lead the HeartMind Meridian Qigong exercise sequence
  • Locating and treating 60+ Acupressure points
  • Clinical interpretations of meridian energy patterns
  • Clues to reading Deficiency/Excess Energy Patterns
  • Needs-based Assessment and Treatment protocols
  • Four Faculty-Supervised Student Clinic sessions
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