101 – Touching Ki


3 Pericardium 2Overview

Your journey to becoming a HeartMind Shiatsu professional begins here. Classmates travel together on a voyage of discovery through body, mind and spirit, developing skillful means in healing touch. They learn to perceive and work with Meridian Channels of Life Energy, and find a delightful entry into the magic of connection with self and others. A timeless healing craft that has been handed down for generations, HeartMind Shiatsu Meridian Magic brings healing skills into your hands in a gentle, caring environment designed to bring out the healer within you. With completion of Meridian Magic you will have the skill to give a full-body basic Shiatsu treatment to friends, family or to integrate into an existing professional practice, and set the foundation for deepening your study with the continuation of the HeartMind Shiatsu Basic and Advanced training program. Personal Life Energy Cultivation practice through the HeartMind Meridian Qigong exercise system is incorporated giving students a vital approach to the art of self-care.


Course Content:

  • Yin/Yang Energetic Principles
  • Twelve Regular Channels Organ Network Locations and Functions
  • HeartMind Meridian Qigong exercise sequence
  • Basic floor-based prone, side and supine techniques
  • Whole-body basic HeartMind Shiatsu treatment
  • Faculty-Supervised Student Clinic Session


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