touching-ki-healing-secrets-of-shiatsuTouching Ki,
Healing Secrets of HeartMind Shiatsu

Five-day Immersion Experience

Discover the profound secret sauce behind the HeartMind Shiatsu method in this powerful and delightful five day immersion experience.

Touch is food, and in this course, students discover the high art of healing touch to soothe the woes of modern life.

This is the first module of the full HeartMind Shiatsu professional training. It may be taken as the start of your journey in the 500-hour training, or as a stand alone continuing education experience (space allowing).

Students experience in body, mind and heart, the revolutionary, yet timeless approach of HeartMind Shiatsu. Students learn an entire full-body treatment to nourish and invigorate the twelve primary meridian channels of body, mind and spirit.

Take this course and begin your journey in the HeartMind Shiatsu Professional Training, or take it just to treat yourself to a smorgasbord of healing. Warning!!! It may be habit forming!

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People CircleIn this delightful 5 day workshop students discover:

•  Twelve Regular Channels of Meridian Energy Flow
•  Proper Body Mechanics for premium floor-based bodywork
•  The yin/yang nature of Ki, life energy
•  Basic Western Anatomy, with an Eastern twist!
•  A brief introduction to the Ethics of professional practice

Students give and receive bodywork throughout the course, creating a warm, heartfelt, deep experience of healing connection with fellow students of like mind and heart.

Required Learning Materials:

Touching Ki, The Healing Art of Shiatsu
HeartMind Meridian Gestures and Functions Chart

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