HeartMind Shiatsu Instructor Training
and Repeat Training Option

The primary development of instructional skill in HeartMind Shiatsu is facilitated through Teaching Assistant positions available only to qualified graduates of the entire 600 hour program.  Instructor Trainees attend and support all aspects of the training, including serving in-class student needs, assisting with handouts, homework grading, and otherwise assisting the smooth flowing of the classroom experience. Meetings with the Instructor before and after each class, as well as periodic tutorials and lesson planning activities fill out the training giving trainees the skill and confidence necessary to step level-by-level into the position of lead teacher.  The Certified HeartMind Shiatsu Instructor Training is open to graduates of the 600 hour HeartMind Shiatsu Training and is designed to support graduates with a continuing education opportunity to deepen their understanding of the HeartMind curriculum, join in faculty meetings, shape the curriculum, and ultimately to support new students in a wonderful, harmonious, supportive and integrated learning experience.

Instructor Training Pre-requisites

Graduates of the 100-hour HeartMind Shiatsu Essentials Training and those enrolled may repeat the Training at 50% off full tuition. Additional small group tutorials are required for Instructor Trainees during the course of repeat training.



  • Attend all seminars as an Instructor Trainee.
  • Attend Instructor/Instructor Trainee conferences 30 minutes before and after each class day.
  • Attend additional conferences as deemed necessary by the Instructor or requested by the Trainee.
  • Grade all student homework.
  • Schedule student tutorials and Student Clinics.
  • Study curriculum, keep time/content outline in class.
  • Complete Instructor Trainee homework as assigned.
  • Supervise Clinic and Practice Classes as needed (paid position).
    Take additional Small Group Tutorials as an Instructor Trainee over the course of the training.


Instructor Training Tuition

Instructor Training Tuition is set at 50% of full tuition rates. Ask about specialized enrollment procedures.



Satisfactory completion of the above content will qualify the Trainee to teach specified levels of the training and to supervise Student Clinics and practice classes. Eligibility to be a lead teacher of curriculum levels will be granted based on trainee progress, clinical experience and demonstrated comfort with teaching methods, theoretical content and skill with the form.

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