HeartMind Shiatsu Intermediate Training
Classical Chinese Medicine

The HeartMind Shiatsu Intermediate Training takes students on an exciting journey into the marvelous world of masterful manipulation and multiple points of contact with body, mind and spirit. An in depth study of Classical Chinese Medical theory and principles imbues the practice with depth, range and clinical effectiveness.

In addition to refining and developing mastery in a range of physical body movements, students will:
• Master Meridian Gesture Qigong and how it promotes and fosters a healthy lifestyle to support your healing practice.
• Dive deep into Classical Chinese Medicine teachings of the Five Element Cycles, lifting the veil on the mysteries of health and balance.
• Discover the energetics of Authentic Character and Personality Development so that you can live fully from your true self, and support others to do the same.
• Study wisdom traditions and approaches to healing trauma that can rob us of fully functional lives.
• Learn Traditional Healing Dietary principles and approaches to integrate the essential of balanced nutrition into a healing lifestyle.
• Master the art of the graceful dance, elegant movements and natural essence of HeartMind Shiatsu to heal yourself and all whom you touch.
• Apply all learned approaches directly on clients with expert clinical guidance in our Supervised Student Clinic.
• Develop skills of client attraction and practice management to lay the foundation for a fulfilling and satisfying career in the healing arts.
• Identify your unique and particular gifts as a healing artist, and the special populations with whom you have the greatest affinity and desire to help.

201 – The Qi of Personality and Temperament
The premise of this course is rooted in the understanding that your energy makes you who you are! We explore that premise through a study of several classic works that show us Personality and Temperament as expressions of Elemental and Meridian energies. Emotional Expressions, Qualities of Spirit, Demeanor, Sensitivity, Pre-dispositions, Attitudes, Conditioning and the Stories we tell ourselves about who we are all correlate to Elemental and Meridian energies. In the HeartMind Shiatsu Intermediate level we dive deep into the Classical Chinese Medical approaches to the most intriguing questions. Who am I and how do I live into the fullest expression of myself? How do I support myself in being the best me that I can be through promoting balance and flow in my meridian energy? Further, how can I take that understanding and apply it in the treatment room to acknowledge, support and engage with my clients for their highest, most balanced and authentic self-expression for health and well being?

Let’s dive in. The terrain is rich and rewarding to explore and when we begin to see that excess and deficient patterns of energy are at the root of our various endeavors in self actualization, we discover a power tool to help us come more and more truly in alignment with our path on this Earth.  We find that balance and health are inextricably linked to a healthy self-esteem, a recognition of strengths and weaknesses, a healing of any self-shaming, or self-deprecating voices and an uplifting ennobling of the human spirit and highest self-expression!

  • Between Heaven and Earth
  • Character and Temperament
  • Dragon Rises, Redbird Flies
  • Applying HeartMind Shiatsu with a mind to the panoply of human qualities of temperament and personality
  • Joyous cultivation of Sheng Zhen, Unconditional Love

This level involves a deep exploration of the classical language of energy patterns in human expression. Students dive into their own life stories with the power of five elements and 12 meridian expression to shine light on all aspects of their souls journey into being. By practicing deep introspection, the sword of authenticity is sharpened and powerful coaching tools are developed to assist clients on their personal journeys to vibrant health.

202 – Patterns and Syndromes in Chinese Medicine
Ever hear your Acupuncturist say that you have Deficient Kidney Qi, Liver Fire Rising, or Disturbed Shen? (Ever been to your Ayurvedic specialist and learn that you are Vata Visciated? –same as Disturbed Shen!) Well, that’s the work of this amazing module, to unpack the most common Syndromes of Chinese Medicine and begin to identify the common patterns of signs and symptoms and learn effective treatment strategies to cool your Rising Liver Fire, to build up the deficient Kidney to calm the disturbance of your Shen.

In this powerful course students will:

  • Study the major patterns of harmony and disharmony to improve their ability to assess a client’s presenting condition.
  • Develop effective strategies appropriate to correct distorted conditions.
  • Deepen Hará and Meridian assessment skills.
  • Bring multiple points of contact to bear on the treatment of various conditions through selected point and meridian focused treatments.
  • Use medical qigong to effectively support healthy Qi flow.
  • Offer coaching and guidance to clients appropriate to their presented signs and symptoms.


203 – Kitchen Alchemy

It all comes out in the kitchen! Fundamental to life and health is this thing that we do three or more times a day, we eat! Exploring good quality and choices and understanding the energy effect of various foods and preparation styles is the heart of this course. Classical Chinese medicine wisdom about various foods and their energetic signature and how they can be chosen to meet and address various patterns and syndromes will be explored, tasted, and learned for use in home health care. Students will be introduced to the fine art of client consultations, dietary diaries and healing menu planning to address syndrome imbalances.  Chinese medical understanding on dietary nutrition shines a brilliant light on this most essential daily practice for optimal health and vitality.


204 – Intermediate Clinical Applications
Equipped with the powerful insights of Classical Chinese Medical wisdom, the intermediate level training has taken students into the deep practice of healing bodywork therapy. In Intermediate Clinical Applications we do the work of bringing this vast body of knowledge together specifically in the application to developing depth and grounding in your bodywork therapy practice. Where the Acupuncturist uses needles, we use our hands, and more specifically our heart in our hands to connect with the Qi in our clients and assist them to heal deeply at the organic level.  Of note at this level is the development of highly skilled reading of energy levels and transformation of negative patterns that can be facilitated through the medium of touch.

By the completion of this level students will possess:

  • Deep and effective physical skills with the techniques of HeartMind Shiatsu.
  • Powerful connection to Taoist Qi Cultivation practices supported by the theoretical knowledge base of Classical Chinese Medicine. Access to intuitive sensitivity to balance and imbalance of Qi.
  • Stability, Strength, Courage, Confidence, Flow and Freedom with the HeartMind Shiatsu method.
  • For selected students on a teacher training track, skills to teach the HeartMind Shiatsu 101 and 102 Basic training modules are established by the completion of 204.
  • The skills to be a Community Practice Leader of HeartMind Meridian Gesture Qigong.

The focus of Intermediate Clinical Applications is an experiential review and refinement of all the course work to date. By completion students will have a solid and secure connection to the work and be in the process of developing the practice building skills essential for a successful career as a HeartMind Shiatsu practitioner. And in this level we plant the seeds for the Advanced Training. You are now solidly on the path to complete the fulfillment of your lifelong dream to be a career healing arts professional. In the Advanced Training we will develop our practice through a deep dive into questions of Destiny and reaching into source energy dynamics. Instead of just treating the branches, we treat the root.

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