201 – The Qi of Personality and Temperament

The premise of this course is routed in the understanding that your energy makes you who you are! We explore that premise through a study of several classic works that show us Personality and Temperament as expressions of Elemental and Meridian energies. Emotional Expressions, Qualities of Spirit, Demeanor, Sensitivity, Pre-dispositions, Attitudes, Conditioning and the Stories we tell ourselves about who we are all correlate to Elemental and Meridian energies. In the HeartMind Shiatsu Intermediate level we dive deep into the Classical Chinese Medical approaches to the most intriguing questions. Who am I and how do I live into the fullest expression of myself? How do I support myself in being the best me that I can be through promoting balance and flow in my meridian energy? Further, how can I take that understanding and apply it in the treatment room to acknowledge, support and engage with my clients for their highest, most balanced and authentic self-expression for health and well being?

Let’s dive in. The terrain is rich and rewarding to explore and when we begin to see that excess and deficient patterns of energy are at the root of our various endeavors in self actualization, we discover a power tool to help us come more and more truly in alignment with our path on this Earth.  We find that balance and health are inextricably linked to a healthy self-esteem, a recognition of strengths and weaknesses, a healing of any self-shaming, or self-deprecating voices and an uplifting ennobling of the human spirit and highest self-expression!

  • Between Heaven and Earth
  • Character and Temperament
  • Dragon Rises, Redbird Flies
  • Applying HeartMind Shiatsu with a mind to the panoply of human qualities of temperament and personality
  • Joyous cultivation of Sheng Zhen, Unconditional Love

This level involves a deep exploration of the classical language of energy patterns in human expression. Students dive into their own life stories with the power of five elements and 12 meridian expression to shine light on all aspects of their souls journey into being. By practicing deep introspection, the sword of authenticity is sharpened and powerful coaching tools are developed to assist clients on their personal journeys to vibrant health.  Meridian Extensions, Six Divisions, Eight Temperaments


Students deepen their work with the Masunaga Zen Shiatsu method through study of the Meridian Extensions and Six Divisions of Yin and Yang in body, mind and spirit. We explore the various manifestations of yin and yang, especially as expressed through Temperament and Personality. Yin Yang theory is creatively descibes the changes and transformations that occur in any natural system throughout time and space The recognition of the stages of transformation in any living system leads to deep and powerful insights into health and balance. By understanding the interactive dynamics of Yin Yang and the Five Elements, students learn to treat deficiencies or excesses in any element through any other element as a function of Creation and Control Cycle dynamics. In this class, we explore the application of this transformational theory to both the physical and psycho-spiritual body. Masunaga Meridian Extensions, Eight Temperaments theory of Yves Requena and Five Element Creation and Control  Cycle theories inspire and inform our study and practice.




  • Meridian Qigong for personal health and treatment
  • Masunaga Meridian Extensions and Six Divisional Zones of the Body
  • Refinement of Mother/Messenger Hand Technique
  • Meridian Energy Tonification and Sedation methods
  • Cross-patterned Movement Styles and Applications
  • Supervised Clinical Experience


  • Six Divisions and Eight Temperaments
  • Kyo/Jitsu Compensation Patterns
  • Creation and Control Cycle Dynamic Expression