202. Classical Chinese Medicine Patterns and Syndromes


In this level, students learn the rich and detailed tapestry of human wellness through an in-depth study of Classical Chinese Medicine, the discernment of External Pernicious Influences, the Internal Endogenous Causes of Dis-ease, and the Five Fundamental Substances and Spiritual Essences through the use of Eight Principles Assessment and Treatment methodology.  These topics are covered through a lively combination of guided meditation, selected readings, lecture and discussion and intermediate level HeartMind Shiatsu techniques that bring them alive in the body. Traditional tongue and pulse assessment are also introduced as classical tools for discernment of signs and symptoms. Practical discovery of the various patterns and effective clinical strategies for treatment are explored. Supervised Clinical Practice throughout this level leads to a refinement of skill and increasing treatment room confidence.



  • Supervised Clinical Practice
  • Eight Principles Pattern Recognition for Classical Syndromes
  • Treatment methods for promoting harmonic energy patterns
  • Sharpening Clinical Note-taking skills


  • Five Fundamental Substances of the Human Being
  • Causes of Disease from the perspective of Classical Chinese Medicine
  • Common Syndromes and their Classical Treatment
  • External Pernicious Influences
  • Internal Endogenous Causes