204 – Intermediate Clinical Applications

Equipped with the powerful insights of Classical Chinese Medicine, the intermediate level training has taken you into the deep practice of healing bodywork therapy. In Intermediate Clinical Applications, we do the work of bringing this vast body of knowledge together specifically to develop depth and grounding in your bodywork therapy practice. Where the Acupuncturist uses needles, we use our hands, and more specifically, our heart in our hands to connect with the Qi in our clients and assist them to heal deeply at the organic level.  Of note at this level, is the development of skillful reading of energy levels and transformation of negative patterns, facilitated through the medium of touch.

The focus of Intermediate Clinical Applications is an experiential review and refinement of all the course work to date. By completion, you will have a solid and secure connection to the work and be in the process of developing the practice-building skills essential for a successful career as a HeartMind Shiatsu practitioner.

By the completion of this level, students will possess:

  • Deep and effective physical skills with the techniques of HeartMind Shiatsu
  • Powerful connection to Taoist Qi Cultivation practices supported by the theoretical knowledge base of Classical Chinese Medicine
  • Access to intuitive sensitivity to the balance of Qi
  • Stability, Strength, Courage, Confidence, Flow and Freedom with the HeartMind Shiatsu method
  • The skills to be a Community Practice Leader of Meridian Gesture Qigong

    By the completion of the Intermediate Level we plant the seeds for the Advanced Training. You are now solidly on the path to complete the fulfillment of your dream to be a career healing arts professional. In the Advanced Training, we will help you develop your practice through a deep dive into questions of Destiny and reaching into source energy dynamics.