Life is mysterious and vast, and there is a way to live into every corner of this vast mystery without getting lost. Taoveda Qigong Yoga Flow brings together timeless tools of the mystic navigator to guide you through the multifaceted labyrinth of life, along a medicine wheel journey from birth to death.

At the root of Taoveda Qigong Yoga Flow is The Way of the Tao, combined with the Vedic wisdom of Hatha Yoga Asana practice and the Medicine Wheel teachings of Indigenous Science. This bridging of timeless wisdom philosophy is offered in recognition of an ultimately seamless unfolding of all that is, and the deep interconnectedness of all manifestations.

In a deeply human way, the entry portal into this recognition is the breath, and the many fine circuitous pathways of life energy, the Meridian Channels, that run throughout the living body. Through awakening the flow of Qi as the inspired, divine breath that rises and falls in the living Being, we find the path through all transpirations. From the mundane to the fantastic, from the traumatic to the orgasmic, Taoveda Qigong Yoga Flow practiced over time can yield gains in clarity, power, presence, resilience, recovery, compassion, dispassion, quiescence and transcendence.

Timeless wisdom from ancient indigenous teachings inform Taoveda practice, while, at the same time, ever present in each movement is the presence of contemporary living imagination and creative consciousness. Taoveda Qigong Yoga Flow opens us in awe to the astonishing marvel of life energy unfolding in an evolving universe.

Breath, movement, posture and healing awareness are at the core of the Taoveda Qigong Yoga Flow experience. The panoply of human perceived experience flows forth from this foundation. Unconditional love and deep appreciation guide the steps of the adept. And through this path, deep recognition of wholeness in each and every moment can be experienced and realized.

The ultimate aim of the practice is to cultivate bliss, and the highest, deepest fullest experience of all that life offers through a deep felt awareness of the Medicine Wheel of Meridian Energy flow. In Taoveda Qigong Yoga Flow we strive to realize healing, wholeness and true aliveness promoting a deep sense of lasting well-being.