Matwork Mastery!
Essential Skills for Sensitive, Effective Healing Touch 

This experiential workshop provides: 

• Step-by-step guidance in developing highly skilled and effective healing touch and movement to heal from stress and trauma.

• How to give deep, connected, sensitive healing touch that truly satisfies your partner’s needs, without being superficial, boring, routine or burning your body out!

• Why our culture has the tendency to use bodywork as just a bandaid (or even an enabler!) and how you can craft your practice to promote truly profound transformational healing!

• The #1 secret to healing all stress related symptoms, making a deep connection with your life energy, and clearing the blocks that have accumulated in their body.

• How you can easily tap into the deep stream of wellness and release all unnecessary effort.

• Awaken the deep joy, love and passion for healing that resides within your deepest heart of hearts.

The recommended training materials for this experiential weekend are available for purchase. Click on book titles to put them in your cart:

Harmonizing Heaven & Earth DVD
DVD Companion Manual
HeartMind Shiatsu Meridian Gestures & Functions Chart

These inspiring materials help you to take the experience of the weekend with you out into the world! Order today! And we’ll see you in class!

Add the books to your cart, along with the course and sign up today for Matwork Mastery. can help you grow and heal with joyful ease, human connection and grace!

Bring style, grace, laughter and enjoyment to your personal or professional practice. In this engaging HeartMind Shiatsu 15 hour workshop with Matthew Sweigart, CI. we’ll explore healing touch techniques that enhance your life. Enjoy healing touch in a supportive and inspiring community environment. One, safely performed, “flying” lift highlights the weekend, to help you take your life to the next level!


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Have your friends ever said to you, “you have healing hands!”

Have you ever thought of using those healing hands of yours to make a living?”

1 Shoulder RotationI’m Matthew Sweigart, and I was just where you are when I was 24. I was working stage crew in professional theater and having a blast! Those were good times. We worked hard, and put on some great shows. We played hard too, and… we had to learn how to take care of our selves… or we’d burn out.

Luckily being back stage introduced me to a whole world of people concerned with taking care of themselves. Actors, singers, dancers, acrobats all know that their body is their instrument!  And it needs to be cared for, the way a violinist cares for their violin. As an amateur dancer, gymnast myself, I learned the necessary skills of stretch routines, assisted partner stretching and mobilization. Anyone who has ever moved their body at a high performance level knows just how crucial it is to possess effective self-care skills, and to have skilled help in maintaining body, mind and spirit. To keep your body working optimally and to effectively provide repair and relief should you experience unexpected injury or trauma bodywork therapy can be your strongest ally. And Matwork Mastery is second to none in providing world class professional bodywork care. 

When I was 24, figuring all this out, I was fortunate to find a school that
helped me develop deep, intuitive, healing skill. I discovered in my education that I could turn my enthusiasm for feeling great, staying fit, and recovering from injury into a professional practice! That practice became my career, fulfilled my sense of calling, and has sustained me and my family for 30 years! Today, I look back at 30 years in the professional healing arts, and I’m happy to say that I am honored to pass the gift forward, that was given to me all those years ago!

Matwork Mastery is my offering to you, to pass along what I have received. In this exciting weekend workshop, I will train you in the fundamentals of professional mat-based healing bodywork, and provide you with the rock solid foundation to succeed as a healing arts professional for years to come.

Now when you hear the words, “You have good hands! Have you ever thought of doing this for a living?”  You can say “Why, Yes! As a matter of fact! I’m studying HeartMind Shiatsu and developing the skills I need to thrive doing work that I love!”


With HeartMind Shiatsu leveraged lifts, you literally sweep your clients right up off the mat! In the Matwork Mastery workshop, we will teach you the foundations for such techniques, and where, when and how to integrate these big moves into your work, to support your clients’ healing, and keep them coming back for more!

Matwork Mastery is guaranteed to take your practice to the next level, in your professional skills, and in client satisfaction and retention.
It is also a module in the HeartMind Shiatsu Professional Training and your tuition may be applied to enrollment in the Intermediate Training!

Matthew Sweigart
worked production for such companies as the Berkshire Theater Festival, The Hartman Theater and the Lyric Opera of Chicago. He discovered the Ohashi Institute in NYC in 1985 and began his training in Asian Bodywork Therapy. He became one of Ohashi Sensei’s Senior Instructors and operated Ohashiatsu® Chicago in Evanston, IL from 1988 through 2003. In 2003 he published his first manual Touching Ki, A Beginner’s Guide to Shiatsu, and has since gone on to write the HeartMind Shiatsu Professional Training curriculum. His latest book Pathways of Qi was recently released through Llewellyn Publications. He has been a Shiatsu Instructopathways of qir and clinician since 1987 and brings to the classroom a wealth of experience in classroom and clinic to inspire the next generation of healing artists.


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The first five people to register for Matwork Mastery will receive a free laminated
HeartMind Meridian Gestures and Functions Chart!


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