Elevate Your Practice

Introduction to Flying HeartMind Shiatsu

This lively 15 hour course takes the student on a journey of discovery to the powerful healing connection. The HeartMind Shiatsu way supports you holistically on your journey to health and wellness.  Fun and engaging personal self-cultivation, Basic HeartMind Shiatsu Foundation technique and an introduction to the fun and engaging Intermediate and Advanced Flying HeartMind Shiatsu Techniques highlight this transformative weekend learning and growth experience.

$297, early registration: $267


Pathways of Qi

Meridians 12 Qigong Teacher Training Level 1

Discover the power, beauty and ease of Meridians 12 and Classical Qigong, the Life Force Energy cultivation path! This 12 hour live workshop guides you to ground and center, clear your chakra energy centers, and connect to your internal Energy Ocean, your central and peripheral vessels, to cultivate healthy, peaceful, calm and flowing qi energy throughout your body, mind and spirit for health and personal empowerment.  Special attention is paid to how you can teach these profound tools to others as well, for the foundation of a career in the healing movement arts.

$265, early bird registration $235


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