spicesWe are excited to announce that the dates for our upcoming Five Flavors Talks, in partnership with Savory Spice Shop, have been set.

Jessica Van Antwerp, a Boulder-based Certified HeartMind Shiatsu Instructor, will highlight one Element per talk, expounding on its associations within the body and mind, how it shows up in our lives by expressing itself physically or through personality.  Then one of the spice experts at Savory will showcase the spices associated with the Flavor of the Element, all in the effort to expand your mind around how using spices can help these Elemental Energies come into balance within your body.

This is a FREE series of talks, every other Wednesday, 6-7pm, starting March 23rd.  The talks will be held at Savory Spice Shop at 2041 Broadway Ste. 1, Boulder, CO 80302

  • March 23rd – WOOD and the Sour Flavor
  • April 6th – FIRE and Bitterness
  • April 20th – EARTH and Sweetness
  • May 4th – METAL and Spiciness
  • May 18th – WATER and Salt

Hope to see you there!

*Please note: the information in these talks is not intended as a diagnosis, nor as medically sanctioned treatment for ailments or diseases.  Please consult your physician before making any adjustments to your health regimen. 

jess-5Jessica Van Antwerp is an AOBTA nationally Certified Shiatsu Practitioner and a Certified Instructor of HeartMind Shiatsu, an avid qigong practitioner and believer in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Her passion for this work is infused into every moment of her daily life, as she strives to live her life following the wisdom of Nature and its expression through the human body.  Her enthusiasm is contagious.


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