We are excited to announce a creative partnership with Savory Spice Shop in downtown Boulder.

We have partnered up to bring you a series of talks about the Five Flavors associated with each of the Five Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  We will focus on one element at a time, exposing you to how they may show up in your life.  The physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues that we all deal with can be clues as to the inner state of balance between each of the Five Elements.  Vertigo?  Think Water Element.  Diabetes?  Earth Element.  Hip problems?  Wood Element.

After a brief intro to these common issues, we’ll discuss the Flavor associated with the Element and some spices that will help support those energetics within your body.  The magic of Traditional Chinese Medicine comes in its associations, the interrelatedness of everything in your system.  Looking at your body as a whole, you can start to draw your own conclusions as to your particular imbalances and how you might be able to incorporate these spices and certain flavors into your diet to help bring your body back into balance.

*Please note: the information in these talks is not intended as a diagnosis, nor as medically sanctioned treatment for ailments or diseases.  Please consult your physician before making any adjustments to your health regimen. 


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