Class Schedule:
All classes meet: 2:30 – 6:15pm
April 14-15, 21-22
May 5-6, 12-13

Students will learn the locations and functions of the twelve regular channels of meridian energy flow and use this as the foundation for giving a full HeartMind Shiatsu basic treatment.  Proper mechanics of the Body/Mind/Spirit will be practiced to ensure that the technique flows easily and effortlessly and that the health and wellness of the practitioner is maintained.  Personal Life Energy Cultivation practice through the HeartMind Qigong exercise system will be incorporated so that practitioners can learn the vital art of self-care for the longevity of their career as a touch therapist.

Students will learn

• HeartMind Meridian Qigong exercise sequence
• How to locate and properly stimulate 24 Acupoints
• Whole person basic HeartMind Shiatsu treatment
• Proper Body/Mind/Spirit Mechanics
• One Faculty Supervised Student Clinic Session

• Yin/Yang Energetic Principles
• Twelve Regular Channels Organ Network Locations and Functions


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