A total solar eclipse will be taking place on Monday August 21st, and be visible across a wide swath of the continental United States this year. There is great excitement, all over the United States for this rare and inspiring celestial event. Many are planning special trips to just be on location to witness the eclipse at totality. Campsites and hotels are booked out, and appropriate solar viewing equipment is selling like hot cakes. But beyond all the physical, material aspects of viewing and experiencing an eclipse, there are questions of “What does it all mean?” “What is the significance of this event?” “How will it effect my life?” And “How can I best be prepared for it?”

Now, I’m not an astrologer or astronomer by trade, but there are a few graspable concepts from astrology and astronomy that are well worth taking into perspective as you seek answers for how this total solar eclipse might affect you.

First and foremost, please understand that from an astronomical point of view, a solar eclipse takes place at the new moon, or the “dark” of the moon. This takes place when the moon is in the same part of the sky as the sun. In the case of the eclipse, the face of the moon will actually appear to cross over the face of the sun, passing in between the Earth and the Sun over a broad strip of the earth. The moon, in effect, blocks the sunlight, and for the time of the eclipse we actually experience what it is like to be in the moon’s shadow in the middle of the day.

From an astrological perspective, the new moon is generally considered a time of going inward, and a time of new beginnings. The night is dark, the stars are their brightest, perfect for inward contemplation and setting down plans for the next cycle of your life. With this particular new moon, we need to further understand that this eclipse is taking place while the sun and moon are together in the astrological sign of Leo the lion. This happens to be my birth sign, so I have a significant amount of first hand experience with it’s characteristics.

Leos generally like to be the center of attention. They love to be on stage, with all eyes on them. The sign of Leo the lion is a fire sign, and as a fire sign it seeks to generate heat and shine the light. One can say from this, that Leo craves stardom. And for each and everyone of us, whether Leo or not, the energies of August cause us to take the time we need to explore the ways in which we are, or can be, the star of our own story.

Now what is interesting this year is that there are actually 2 new moons in Leo… the first happened just a couple of days ago on July 23rd, and the next will be on August 21st the day of the solar eclipse. With two new moons in Leo this year, a rare event in itself, and the second one being an actual total solar eclipse, there is special emphasis given to how we formulate our sense of our own inner stardom, how we clarify the vision of who we are, and who we can be in the world. The important admonition here is that the best way to actualize who you truly are as the star of your own life, is to find your way to connect directly to your heart.

Now we all have experienced an overbearing Leo from time to time. They can be demanding, extroverted and obnoxious. And so, that energy is possible to become exaggerated during this double new moon in Leo with a solar eclipse year. And that is also why it is extra important to connect into and through your heart at this time. That is perhaps easier said than done, but with practice, you will be able to get closer and closer to this realization. The problem is that we in the West are so often conditioned to come from our head, or our belly, and the entire region of the heart is nearly unknown territory.

So, that is where the work lies. During this special Leo time period, between these two important new moons, leading up to the total solar eclipse, your work is to find the pathway into your own inner heart space. You need to come to know your heart space, your heart’s truth, your heart’s deepest feeling and knowing. From there, you can become the true star of your own life. Not just a showboat with an obnoxious need to demand the lime-light, but a true warrior of the heart, with truth and compassion at the core of your shining light.

pathways-of-qiThe light that shines thus from the heart will warm and enlighten, not scorch and burn. Take time to fin your pathway into your inner most truth in this auspicious time, and share your light with the world!

For myself this is a special year. I will turn 58 years only on August 22nd, the day after the eclipse. And this is the completion of 30 years in my career as a Shiatsu Therapist and Instructor. These three decades have been packed with incredible healing experiences, challenges, growth, triumph and disappointment. And it strikes me as fitting that my 30th anniversary as a shiatsu therapist is being attended by such a powerful celestial event.

heartmind-shiatsu-meridian-gestures-and-functions-chartAs my gift to you, I’ve created a special offer from my heart to yours. I have created a special coupon 30for30!!! for all my books, chart, DVD, and Mp4 digital training programs. This month you will be able to buy all my extant works at 30% off the regular retail. Just log onto the store, make your selections, and in the coupon filed write in 30for30!!! and you’ll see 30% melt off the price of your purchases.

And for those of you attending my Pathways of Qi weekend in Boulder, Colorado, August 19 and 20th, I’m offering an extra special Eclipse Preparation 30% off fees for the event. Simply select the Pathways of Qi / Exploring the Meridian Medicine Wheel course in the online store and enter the coupon code: save30%pathways. This will reduce the weekend price to just $187 for the entire 12 hour course. I’m excited to be guiding this journey, at this auspicious time, to apply the ancient wisdom teachings of the Pathways of Qi to the essential journey to the center of your heart, to know your hearts truth, and to shine the light on your true nature as the star of your life story!

I am so happy to share these timeless teachings with you, and so grateful that you have chosen to make HeartMind your trusted source for healing, wisdom and support along your life path.


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