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Taoveda Qigong~In this workshop, Matthew will guide participants in the Taoveda Meridian Qigong form.Participants will experience the vibrant medicine wheel of Meridian Channels, gaining valuable insight forpersonal and professional healing practice. Taoveda Qigong is excellent for client education with accessible,functional and inspirational stimulation of Meridian Energy Flow in a daily exercise format. In cultivatingMeridian Qi through Taoveda Qigong all systems of Body, HeartMind and Spirit can be purified, nourished andenergized.

Flying HeartMind Shiatsu~Interactive, engaging, and uplifting! Enjoy atasty bite of Flying HeartMind Shiatsu with a delicious serving of movement,contact, deep stretches and leveraged lifts, practiced in a traditional floorbased bodywork forum. These elegant moves can even elevate the receiverentirely off the floor to grant a feeling of total surrender. Matthew createdthese Flying techniques in clinical practice, and they serve to have aprofound effect on the extraordinaryvessel system.

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