Taoveda Qigong Yoga Flow

In this vibrant experiential workshop, with Matthew Sweigart, AOBTA® Certified Instructor and David Goetz, CMT, Certified Yoga Instructor, participants will be guided through breath, movement, posture, stillness, affirmation and imagery into a felt sense of Medicine Wheel of Meridian Energy. An exploration of Yin/Yang, Elemental and Somatic functions yields a state of balanced well-being. Practitioners of Qigong, Acupuncture and Acupressure will experience Meridian Channels as manifestations of a vibrant Medicine Wheel gaining valuable insight to inform their personal practice. Taoveda Qigong Yoga Flow is also excellent for client education, offering accessible, functional applications of Meridian Energy Flow in a daily exercise format. In cultivating Meridian Qi through Taoveda Qigong Yoga Flow, all systems of Body, HeartMind and Spirit are purified, nourished and energized.  Learn more….

Matthew Sweigart began his healing journey in 1985 with a Macrobiotic Dietary transition and the study and practice of Japanese Shiatsu through the Ohashi Institute, NYC where he was on Senior Faculty for 15 years. Learning personal qi cultivation with dozens of various Qigong, Yoga and Native American ritual elders brought forth in Matthew a direct experience of the Medicine Wheel of Meridian Energy, through which HeartMind Bodywork and the Taoveda Qigong Yoga Flow system was developed. He is co-founder/director of the HeartMind Bodywork Training programs.

David Goetz is a graduate of Indiana University and Boulder College of Massage Therapy. Owner of Bodywork Bistro, co-owner with Matthew Sweigart of HeartMind Bodywork. Dave developed a strong interest in Yoga and Taoism during his late teens after his favorite cousin died suddenly from a fever. He began searching earnestly for answers and while in college he met a teacher who showed him how to connect within to his “Inner Stream of Joy and Contentment”.

He began studying Shiatsu in 1990 with Matthew Swiegart. He continued his yoga practice within the Iyengar yoga tradition. In 2003 he began practicing Qigong and personal cultivation with Master Chunyi Lin, Master Li Jun Feng, and Roger Jahnke. In October of 2010 he completed his 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at Core Power Yoga.  He now  teaches Shiatsu, Yoga and Qigong at the new Bodywork Bistro Living Arts Center, and for “Healing Spirits Massage Training Center” in beautiful Boulder, CO.

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