Colorful-spicesImparting the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, this is the second in a FREE series of talks that will teach you how herbs and spices can support your internal organs, your energetic balance and your overall health, literally spicing up your life!

Wed., April 6th
Savory Spice Shop
2041 Broadway St., Ste. 1
Boulder, CO 80302

This week’s talk will focus on the Fire Element and the Bitter Flavor.  Learn how the Fire Element expresses itself in your body, mind, and spirit and some signs and symptoms that your Fire energies may be out of balance, such as disturbed sleep, trouble speaking, high or low blood pressure, getting easily chilled or overheated.  Learn some distinguishing features between exaggerated Fire and depleted Fire, which will tell you when to avoid Bitter flavors for better internal balance or when to start incorporating more of them into your diet to support your health.

Then an expert at the Savory Spice Shop will go into detail about some bitter herbs and spices and how to incorporate them into various recipes so that you can bring your body into balance by spicing up your life!

jess-87These talks will be led by Jessica Van Antwerp, an AOBTA nationally Certified Shiatsu Practitioner and Certified Instructor of HeartMind Shiatsu. She has been studying Traditional Chinese Medicine since 2009 and strives to live in harmony with Nature using the Elements as her guide. Her passion for her work comes across through her teaching style, infused with case studies and personal stories, as well as humor and light-heartedness.

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