We begin the first of our Five Flavors talks next Wednesday, March 23rd, with the SOUR flavor and itscitrus associations with the WOOD Element.

Do you have hip issues? Trouble sleeping 11pm-3am? Feel the need for a cleanse? Deal with anger issues? Have addictive tendencies or behaviors?

Ever had gall stones? Or trouble making decisions?

Be introduced to how these (and many more) symptoms could be signaling an imbalance within your Wood Element energies. Then learn about the spices associated with the Sour Flavor and how incorporating these into your diet may help bring these energies back into balance.

BONUS: Learn how incorporating more sour foods into your diet may help curb your sugar cravings!

Disclaimer: the information in these talks is not intended as a diagnosis, nor as medically sanctioned treatment for ailments or diseases.  Please consult your physician before making any adjustments to your health regimen. 

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