heartmind-trainingWe are so excited to announce that Enrollment is officially open for the 2016 HeartMind Shiatsu Basic Training in Boulder, CO.

Imagine your life when…

  • You have developed your healing skills
  • You can help people to relieve their suffering
  • You can use your hands to soothe & reduce pain
  • Your life dedication to healing becomes a daily practice…and a means to right livelihood
  • You grasp the deeper meaning behind disease
    …and can confidently facilitate transformation

HeartMind Shiatsu Basic Training will make these dreams a reality. We will take a deep dive into the fascinating and beautiful theory of Chinese Medicine. You will learn Beginner and Intermediate treatment skills for the health and longevity of your clients. You will learn techniques to help relieve your loved ones of common aches and pains. You will understand how the energy of Nature expresses itself through personality and physicality and develop the capacity to work with the corresponding energetic flows of the human body to bring yourself and your clients to a greater place of balance. You will gain a deep sense of connection to yourself and to the infinite place of silence within, through which healing energy flows.

We are now scheduling enrollment consultations and accepting applications for our 2016 program in Boulder, CO.

We’ve been working hard to evolve the program to produce higher quality therapists with deeper levels of understanding of Chinese Medicine.  And every year, the program gets better and better.  So next year’s training will be the best one yet.  Join us!

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